The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America before Columbus (PDF Download)



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Embark on a Riveting Historical Journey

Imagine stumbling upon a cave filled to the brim with ancient relics that challenge everything we thought we knew about history. This is your chance to explore the enigma of southern Illinois’ treasure trove, which might just rewrite the historical narrative of early America.

You’ll be immersed in over 100 striking photographs detailing artifacts that suggest Africans arrived in North America well before Columbus ever set sail.

The Voyage That Changed History

Step into the shoes of #KingJuba and his #Mauretanian mariners as they embark across the Atlantic, fleeing Roman persecution to seek refuge in a new world. Their story is not just an adventure; it’s a testament to human resilience and determination.

A Legacy Hidden in Plain Sight

The book throws light on the origins of the #Washitaws, a mysterious group with African roots, first noted by Lewis and Clark. These revelations are pieced together through meticulous research involving more than 7,000 artifacts extracted from this cavern before its closure.

A Royal Quest for Freedom

Learn about #Cleopatra’s lineage — her daughter, queen of #Mauretania, and her husband Juba II’s daring defiance against Rome. In their most desperate hour, they led their people on an epic journey to present-day Ghana to build ships capable of voyaging to a new land free from Roman influence.

This isn’t just any narrative; it’s an unwritten chapter of global history involving empires, gold-laden treasures, and libraries filled with ancient knowledge.

Who Should Buy This Book?

If you’re fascinated by untold histories or if you’re an enthusiast who values alternative perspectives on the past, this book is for you. Historians, adventurers at heart, or anyone intrigued by Africa’s role in pre-Columbian American history will find this read compelling.

Dive into this book, where lost civilizations emerge from the shadows into our collective consciousness.

You’ll not only gain insight into a possibly revolutionary chapter of human exploration but also participate in rethinking long-held historical narratives. It’s time to join the ranks of those who dare question ‘what if?’ and shed light on forgotten sagas that may have shaped our world.

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