The Negro a Beast or the Image of God 1900 (PDF Download)



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What You’re Diving Into

You’re looking at a raw, unfiltered snapshot of an era – a book that cuts right to the heart of early 20th-century thought. With 388 pages, “The Negro, A Beast” by Charles Carroll is a controversial artifact from 1900 that pulls no punches in revealing the blatant racism of its time.

The Author and His Viewpoint

Meet Charles Carroll: a product of his environment, encapsulating the privilege and racial biases prevalent during his lifetime. As a white man and slave owner, he argued vehemently against the humanity of Black people—a position that reflects nothing but the skewed beliefs of his period.

A Critical Examination for Modern Readers

This book isn’t just about Carroll’s arguments; it’s an invitation for you to critically analyze how certain ideas took root. Dive into a blend of pseudo-evolutionary concepts and selective biblical interpretation as employed by Carroll to support his stance.

Misinterpretations of evolution are laid bare on these pages, capturing common misconceptions from Carroll’s time. His reliance on Saint Paul’s traditionalism overshadows any semblance of the Gospels’ teachings, offering insight into the religious justifications used to prop up racist ideologies.

Understanding Historical Context

Why does this matter to you? By exploring this text, you gain insight into the minds that were swayed by such rhetoric—the individuals propping up an unjust social hierarchy. It poses critical questions: What convinced them? How did faith intertwine with prejudice?

This book is ideal if you’re keen on understanding historical perspectives or studying the evolution of racial thought in America. While its content is now recognized as unfounded and offensive, grappling with such material is key to comprehending past prejudices—prejudices that have shaped societal structures we continue to navigate today.

Note: This book will not align with modern values or scientific understanding but serves as an educational tool for those examining historical mindsets around race relations.

Remember: We offer this controversial piece as an eBook & Audiobook via AfrikanLibrary.Net only. If you prefer a tangible copy, please use Amazon’s search below.

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