The Plantation Machine Atlantic Capitalism in French Saint-Domingue and British Jamaica (PDF Download)



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Why This is a Must-Read

You’re standing at the crossroads of understanding how two eighteenth-century colonies, Jamaica and Saint-Domingue, evolved into powerhouses of wealth through unfathomable human cost. “The Plantation Machine: Atlantic Capitalism in French Saint-Domingue and British Jamaica” offers you an unflinching examination of the mechanisms that propelled these societies to economic prominence while being anchored in slavery.

About The Book

Imagine a mechanism so well-oiled, so precise in its operation that it transforms entire societies. That’s what you’ll encounter in this book – a detailed analysis of how planters, merchants, and officials fine-tuned Jamaican and Saint-Dominguan plantations into peak efficiency for exploiting enslaved individuals. It’s not just about the cruelty; it’s about the political tactics and economic strategies that made these horrors everyday reality.

What You’ll Learn

Dive into archival evidence revealing how these societies mirrored each other despite being under different empires. Explore the feuds between governors and planters, uprisings by enslaved people, tightening racial laws, and the controversial rise of racism as a political tool rather than an ideology.

The Seven Years’ War serves as a pivotal moment where you will witness firsthand accounts leading to strengthened white supremacy in both territories. The aftermath sets the stage for further exploitation and suffering but also unprecedented prosperity for colonists – all before the backdrop of another looming crisis: the American Revolution.

Who Should Read It?

If you’re a historian, an academic enthusiast or merely curious about colonial history without fluff or jargon – this book is your gateway to comprehending how empires were built on oppression. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge on colonial economies or understand racial dynamics within historical contexts, “The Plantation Machine” provides clarity with confidence.

In essence, if you want to grasp how two Caribbean colonies became critical cogs in their respective empires’ wheels during a turbulent era – this book will take you there.

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