The Road to Sustained Growth in Jamaica (PDF Download)



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Get to Know Jamaica’s Economic Story

Imagine holding a book that demystifies the paradoxical journey of Jamaica’s economy. You’re looking at “The Road to Sustained Growth in Jamaica,” a comprehensive report from the World Bank Country Study series.

This isn’t just another economic analysis. It’s an exploration into why, despite having a strategic location near the U.S. market, a well-educated workforce, and robust tourism thanks to its natural beauty, Jamaica experiences low GDP growth and employment issues.

A Dive into Economic Paradoxes

You’ll find that this study dives right into the thick of it – addressing why Jamaica’s social and governance strides haven’t translated into expected economic success. It even posits that perhaps we’ve been underestimating the country’s GDP all along.

Straight-Talking Proposals for Growth

What can be done? The book presents a candid look at necessary reforms through what it calls a ‘bandwagon’ approach: combining crisis prevention with bolstering social safety nets and implementing crucial policies on public expenditure and crime reduction.

The text argues strongly for social dialogue, stressing that building consensus is key for reform acceptance and successful execution. This is not only insightful but also crucial reading for policymakers, economists, or anyone invested in the Caribbean region’s development.

Why You Should Consider This Book

If you’re someone who values understanding the real-world applications of economic theory, or if you’re directly involved in shaping policy or investment decisions in Jamaica or similar economies – this book is written for you. It offers clear-cut examinations and actionable recommendations without getting lost in academic jargon.

In 209 pages, you’ll get an authoritative yet accessible perspective on Jamaican economics as of 2004 – perfect for updating your knowledge base or informing your professional activities.

Don’t miss out on this pivotal read that could influence how you view economic growth strategies in emerging markets.

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