The Story of Asar, Aset and Heru: An Ancient Egyptian Legend–A Storybook and Coloring Book for Children (PDF Download)




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What’s the Scoop on This Egyptian Tale?

Okay, picture this: You’re diving straight into a world where gods and goddesses are the main deal. “The Story of Asar, Aset and Heru” isn’t just any old bedtime story. It’s an ancient legend that’s been around for centuries, reimagined for kids today. Imagine you’re sitting by the Nile, pyramids in the backdrop – that’s the vibe we’re going for.

Inside Ancient Egypt: The Characters

You’ve got Asar (you might know him as Osiris), a king who’s all about justice and wisdom. Aset, or Isis to some, is his queen with a sharp mind and magical chops to match. And then there’s Heru (Horus), their brave son with an epic destiny. It’s like a superhero family from way back when.

The Plot Thickens…

The story? It’s a rollercoaster! Betrayal, resurrection, and epic battles – it’s all in there. And trust me when I say there are twists you won’t see coming. This tale explores themes of loyalty, courage, and overcoming adversity – stuff that everyone needs a dose of every now and then.

Why Should You Grab This Book?

First off, it doubles as a coloring book! So while you’re soaking up history, you (or your kiddo) can get artsy too. It’s learning meets fun – no dull moments here.

This book is perfect if you’re:
– A parent looking to spice up storytime
– A teacher wanting to inject some culture into lessons
– An Egyptian mythology buff craving something fresh yet classic
– Just someone who loves stories where good takes on evil

So what’ll happen once you hit that download button? Expect some magic – ancient style – to unfold right before your eyes…and maybe even learn something new along the way. Now go ahead; those legends won’t read themselves!

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