The Yoruba Traditional Healers of Nigeria (PDF Download)



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You and the Yoruba Healers of Nigeria

Step into the world of Nigerian healing with “The Yoruba Traditional Healers of Nigeria”. This book is a deep exploration into the counseling methods and therapeutic techniques employed by the Yoruba healers within their cultural framework.

Analyzed by Nigerian women from various Yoruba communities, this volume presents insights gained from interviews and video recordings of these traditional practitioners. It’s a comprehensive look at how culture shapes the healing practices and counseling strategies these healers utilize.

If you’re intrigued by alternative medicine or interested in understanding how cultural context influences healing modalities, this book is for you. It’s not just academic; it’s a reflection on real-world applications and client preferences in seeking help for personal issues.

Who stands to gain from this read? Whether you’re a student, professional in the field of mental health, someone with an interest in cross-cultural therapy, or simply curious about traditional Nigerian healing practices, there’s rich knowledge here for you.

Pick up your copy today, available both as part of our enlightening 100 eBook Afrikan Enlightenment Book Set or as a standalone paperback version.

Why Choose This Book?

This isn’t just another scholarly piece; it’s an invitation to view healing through a different lens—a cultural lens that offers effective approaches often overlooked by mainstream discourse. Grab this unique opportunity to expand your understanding and possibly your practice.

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