Wealth Accumulation and Communities of Color in the United States (PDF Download)



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Who This Book Speaks To

You are the curious mind eager to understand the dynamics of wealth among various racial and ethnic groups in America. You’re an academic, a policy maker, or an informed citizen ready to grasp the reality behind wealth inequality and its effects on communities of color.

About The Book

“Wealth Accumulation and Communities of Color in the United States: Current Issues” brings you sharp analysis from respected scholars, including myself, Jessica Gordon Nembhard. As an economist and co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative, I’ve joined forces with my peers to give you a thorough examination of wealth disparities across different ethnicities.

Straight to it – this book is a critical read if you’re looking to understand how assets are built, grown, and sustained within African American, Latino, Native American, Asian American, and Native Hawaiian populations. It’s not just about black-and-white; it’s about everyone in between.

Why Invest Your Time In This Read?
Because knowledge is power. And this 376-page volume from 2006 gives you power by equipping you with insights that mirror real-life implications – like those starkly revealed during Hurricane Katrina.

You’ll find validation from industry experts like Kilolo Kijakazi of The Ford Foundation who praises our comprehensive approach. Cecilia A. Conrad hails our contribution to understanding racial wealth inequality while Patrick L. Mason underscores the urgency brought by societal disasters. Lastly, Michael Sherraden commends the unique breadth covering numerous communities of color.

The Takeaway

This isn’t just another book on your shelf; it’s a resource that lays bare the financial contrasts woven into America’s fabric. It’s for those who seek to make informed decisions affecting diverse populations or who aim to contribute effectively towards bridging economic divides.

In essence, “Wealth Accumulation and Communities of Color in the United States: Current Issues” is where facts meet context – giving you a richer perspective on America’s socio-economic tapestry through lenses colored with experience and expertise.

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