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What This Book Is All About

You’re looking at the 2nd Edition of “Who Owns You?” – a critical examination of the moral and legal questions around gene patenting. It’s been updated to stay current with the latest shifts in public opinion and law.

Key Features and Topics Covered

  • Unveiling Ethical Assumptions: The book exposes the flawed thinking behind patents on unaltered human genes.
  • The Commons-by-Necessity Argument: Learn about why some aspects of our world, like segments of our DNA, should not be claimed by any one entity.
  • Pioneering Approach: Before jumping to conclusions, this work first clarifies what exactly genetic material is – setting the stage for informed ethical debates.
  • Detailed Analysis: Get an in-depth look at landmark lawsuits, legislative changes, and societal conversations – especially those regarding AMP v. Myriad, a pivotal gene patent case.

Who Should Consider This Book?

If you’re someone who cares about how science intersects with law and ethics, particularly where it concerns your genetic make-up, this book speaks directly to you. Whether you’re a student in bioethics or intellectual property law or just an informed citizen eager to better understand your rights to your own DNA, “Who Owns You?” offers a well-researched perspective that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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