Yoruba-English English-Yoruba Concise Dictionary (PDF Download)



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What’s Inside This Yoruba Language Resource

You’re about to dive into a resource that serves as a bridge between the Yoruba language and English speakers. With over 6,500 entries, it provides a comprehensive guide to pronunciation—complete with examples that bring clarity to the unique tonal nature of Yoruba. For anyone keen on mastering the sounds and nuances of this West African language, here’s your go-to manual.

Why It’s More Than Just Words

This isn’t just another dictionary. It’s an intersection of cultures—a linguistic tool that romanizes Yoruba words for English users while transcribing English into the Yoruba alphabet. Whether you’re fluent in English looking to learn Yoruba or vice versa, this book is designed for you.

The Cultural Significance of Yoruba

If you’re curious about why Yoruba matters, here’s the scoop: It’s not only a prevalent language in Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Togo but also a cornerstone in African religious ceremonies across the Western hemisphere. Its historical roots run deep, making it a key language for cultural aficionados and scholars alike.

Who Should Grab This Book?

If you’re someone who values clear communication in multiple languages or you have an interest in African linguistics and culture—this book is your match. Ideal for both personal growth and academic pursuits, it stands as a valuable asset on your bookshelf.

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