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Excerpt from Sultan to Sultan: Adventures Among the #Masai and Other #Tribes of #EastAfrica

“From the public I crave indulgence for all shortcomings, with the assurance that under the crushing weight of a supreme sorrow which has overtaken me whilst #Sultan to Sultan has been in press, it has been with an aching heart I have com pleted the work, endeavoring with fortitude to do my best to make my readers better acquainted with the possibilities of the natural primitives whom I am proud to call my friends and be called friend by, and to demonstrate that if a woman could journey a thousand and more miles in East Africa, among some hostile tribes, unattended by other than #Zanzibaris mer cenaries, without bloodshed, the extreme measures employed by some would-be #colonizers is unnecessary, atrocious, and with out the pale of humanity. To the indefatigable efforts of my publishers, especially to Mr. H. H. Boyce, who, with sympathy and consideration, has personally spared me the countless detail of the work; to the artists who have entered into the spirit of the illustrations, and actually reproduced the photo graphs and the curios, waiving artistic desire to make alter ations; to the printers, and the Victorians of Manchester, England, for the sketch map of my route…”

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