The Vodou & Voodoo Book Set (Instant Download 6 eBooks)(Digital Download)

The Vodou & Voodoo Book Set (Instant Download 6 eBooks)(Digital Download)


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Download This Set Of The Best 6 Voodoo eBooks

Books in this series cover voodoo healing and magic from Haiti, West Africa, Jamaica!

Voodoo ebooks are very powerful and include ancient rituals not to be taken lightly. Ensure you are operating under the best practices and in full knowledge of what you are doing.

Books in this downloadable ebook series include:

Vodou Shaman The Haitian Way of Healing and Power

Restoring Vodou to its proper place as a powerful shamanic tradition.

This book provides ready to use exercises and techniques from the Vodou tradition that can be used as a safe and effective means of spiritual healing and personal transformation.

It shows you how to remove evil spirits and any negative energies sent to you by others.

And, is written by a fully initiated Houngan (Vodou shaman)

Providing practical exercises drawn from all aspects and stages of the Vodou tradition, Vodou Shaman shows readers how to contact the spirit world and communicate with the loa (the angel-like inhabitants of the Other World), the ghede (the spirits of the ancestors), and djabs (nature spirits for healing purposes).

The author examines soul journeying and warrior-path work in the Vodou tradition and looks at the psychological principles that make them effective. The book also includes exercises to protect the spiritual self by empowering the soul, with techniques of soul retrieval, removing evil spirits and negative energies, overcoming curses, and using the powers of herbs and magical baths.

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Vodou Money Magic: The Way to Prosperity through the Blessings of the Lwa

A working guide on how to achieve financial success by working with the Lwa, the spirits of Haitian Vodou

• Provides spells and spirit work for job hunting, financial success, and career advancement

• Spells included are detailed and easy to follow–learn to Heat Up Your Business with Ghede or Peruse the Want Ads with Legba

Haitian Vodou is a very practical and scientific craft: either you please the spirits and get results or you don’t–often for good reason. The Lwa–the spirits honored in Haitian Vodou–know that it is far more useful to find out exactly what is causing your money woes rather than receiving a quick fix.

In Vodou Money Magic, Kenaz Filan offers a path to long-lasting and pervasive changes in your financial situation. Filan describes the Lwa who govern financial matters and explains what services each can provide in attaining wealth or finding a fulfilling career–and who will likely offer the best wisdom for your needs.

If you are having trouble finding a job, Legba’s Perusing the Want Ads spell can resolve this difficulty. If you wish to curb impulse spending, then you should work with the Great Serpent Damballah. If you need emergency financial assistance, Mama Danto is there to help. Filan presents easy-to-follow instructions for numerous financial spells and also reveals how the Lwa offer counsel for family burdens, getting along with coworkers and planning your future.

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Vodou in Haitian Life and Culture: Invisible Powers

This collection introduces readers to the history and practice of the Vodou religion and corrects many misconceptions. The book focuses specifically on the role Vodou plays in Haiti, where it has its strongest following, examining its influence on spiritual beliefs, cultural practices, national identity, popular culture, writing and art.

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Urban Voodoo: A Beginner’s Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic

This book covers Voodoo, Santeria, and Macumba as practised in cities of the Western world. This is not another history or sociological study, but a candid personal account by two who came to the religion from the outside. It includes descriptions of the phenomena triggered by Voodoo practice, divination techniques, spells and a method of self-initiation.

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Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica

Based on acclaimed author Zora Neale Hurston’s personal experiences in Haiti and Jamaica, where she participated as an initiate rather than just an observer during her visits in the 1930s; Tell My Horse is a fascinating firsthand account of the mysteries of Voodoo. An invaluable resource and remarkable guide to Voodoo practices, rituals, and beliefs, it is a travelogue into a dark, mystical world that offers a vividly authentic picture of ceremonies, customs, and superstitions.

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The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook

“Voodoo Hoodoo” is the unique variety of Creole Voodoo found in New Orleans. The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook is a rich compendium of more than 300 authentic Voodoo and Hoodoo recipes, rituals, and spells for love, justice, gambling luck, prosperity, health, and success.

Cultural psychologist and root worker Denise Alvarado, who grew up in New Orleans, draws from a lifetime of recipes and spells learned from family, friends, and local practitioners. She traces the history of the African-based folk magic brought by slaves to New Orleans, and shows how it evolved over time to include influences from Native American spirituality, Catholicism, and Pentecostalism. She shares her research into folklore collections and 19th and 20th century formularies along with her own magical arts.

The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook includes more than 100 spells for Banishing, Binding, Fertility, Luck, Protection, Money, and more. Alvarado introduces readers to the Pantheon of Voodoo Spirits, the Seven African Powers, and other important Loas, Prayers, Novenas, and Psalms, and much, much more, including:
* Oils and Potions: Attraction Love Oil, Dream Potion, Gambler’s Luck Oil, Blessing Oil
* Hoodoo Powders and Gris Gris: Algier’s Fast Luck Powder, Controlling Powder, Money Drawing Powder
* Talismans and Candle Magic
* Curses and Hexes

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All books are pdf files and can be downloaded and stored on any phone, tablet or computer easily so you can rest assured with The Afrikan Library you are downloading the best quality voodoo ebook pdfs and so much more on our site.

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