The “What About Black on Black Crime?” Deflection

Answering the main question of suspected white supremacists and those genuinely confused about racial identity.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

October 2, 2017












Today, the deadliest massacre to have ever taken place was carried out by White domestic terrorist, Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, NV, a town known for housing some very dangerous white supremacist militia groups, like the one lead by Cliven Bundy. Stephen Paddock has currently been credited with killing 59 people and injuring over 500 people. The police later found that he had 23 guns in his hotel room and 19 guns in his home, as well as bombs. The guns ranged from hand guns to automatic assault rifles. His arsenal of guns included 42 weapons of destruction.


However, mainstream media has made every attempt to past this town over as a “quiet retirement town”. This is quite the contrary. Stephen is the son of a criminal. By his brother’s admission, their father stayed at the top of the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list for bank robbery. Stephen, though married, is rumored to be going through a divorce, but is heavily involved with his Asian, potentially Nazi chic, girlfriend. A known sex offender, Stephen was also known for adultery, heavy gambling and drinking, he is now also known as a deadly terrorist. Instead of investigating his ties to domestic terrorism and possible alt-right, in an unlikely turn of events, the mainstream media almost immediately announce that he acted alone.


When White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, was asked about this criminal, her initial response shifted back to “Chicago”, which is white supremacist code for Black on Black crime. Her attempts to deflect from speaking about gun control or domestic terrorism was her sole focus. Even the NRA stood silent on the issue of gun control proving once again that they are a white supremacist organization. The only time they supported gun control was to keep guns away from Black people by supporting the Mulford Act in 1967. The aim was to prevent Black Citizens in California from carrying guns.



Many times, per day, we are asked that question, “What about black on black crime?” This question is used as the official “Coon Test” question and your answer helps the suspected white supremacist gauge their ability to convert you into a coon, bed-buck, bed-wench, or potential winner of some Meritorious Manumission awards, presently referred to as “nigga trinkets”.


As we delve into the logic behind this question, and the answer, I would like you to keep in mind how that question makes you feel. If you are not immune to the question, initially when asked you may feel shame, frustration, or even confusion. Why does white on white crime not get the same attention?


We must stay focused and operate with clear insight on what we know and understand about the system of white supremacy and the 15-Point Creed of White Supremacy. The images, thoughts, and perception of “Black on Black” crime impairs your vision from this focus. In most every religion/belief system, there is a concept that the lack of vision causes the people to parish. This is a war tactic.


Removal of the vision distracts the short-term and long-term planning of the people. The defense mechanisms become disrupted. The white supremacists are at work 24/7 working on their strategy to maintain the system of white supremacy which in turn oppresses all non-white people, more importantly Black people.


“It’s chess, not checkers.” In chess, the white king checks the black king. The white piece moves first and thus the white plays offense and defense, while the black pieces play defense only. This is no coincidence.


There is an attack on the mental health of black people. When they attack our love for each other with allegations of a tendency to commit crime, they attack our self-respect. This is critical to maintain psychological slavery of blacks. One of the major keys to healing ourselves, empowering ourselves, and restoring our power is our self-respect. (Only second to our Black men).


Per Rule #10: “Let there be such industrial education of the Negro as will best fit him to serve the white man.” Under this precept, they distort facts, figures, and ensure control of the data. So, let’s go over some of the facts and problems with their “facts”.


One of the common tables I see is this one below from the FBI. Crime Statistics



You will hear that Blacks make up 13% of America but commit 52.5% of the crime. Looking at the FBI and DOJ data at first glance, it sounds about right. I challenge you to always read the fine print. Until you see it, know that it sounds about “white”.


Now let us take a deeper look at the same set of data presented differently. However, it remains lumped up over a 28-year period. We cannot see the trend from year to year post the crack epidemic. There is no current state of crimes in 2017.
















We get more information. They leave out the fact that we are victims at a 6 times higher rate. But the numbers still look the same. I challenge you to go deeper. This is when you must think critically. The first questions become:


  1. How is offender defined?
  2. How is victim defined?
  3. How is homicide defined? Understand that includes more than murders.


To find those answers, I had to go the fine print and pull some journals out.


For additional information on this topic, see the BJS publication Child Victimizers: Violent O­ enders and ‑ eir Victims (NCJ 153258, BJS Web, March 1996)


To the surprise of many, the term victim was “who was murdered” however the term offender “was who was arrested”. What was left out was convictions and cold-cases. There was over 37% of white murders that were unsolved, so there were no arrests. This affects the percent total because it is not accounted for. You are led to believe that the 100% represents the total arrest.


Lastly, the numbers do not account for the many Blacks wrongly arrested due to the systematic racial bias in the system. But remember, the system is working the way it is designed to work for them!



The data as presented would have you to believe that that 93% of all black victims were killed by blacks. However, this data set left out the fact that it only looked at convictions. So, they switched. We started off talking about offenders as those arrested, and we have now switched to convictions. Additionally, mistrials and innocent verdicts are omitted from the total percentage presented.


Then to really seal the deal on the argument the bring up “Chicago”. The massive amounts of killing in Chicago heavily filled with black on black crime, leaving out the correlation of poverty and lack of jobs has to crime and violence. This is by design.


Chicago represents every fear that the global system of white supremacy fears about black culture. They want to believe we are savages so they mentally justify the destruction and inhumane treatment we constantly suffer at their hands.


These shootings in Chicago are happening in the poorest areas of the city, where the employment gap between blacks and whites is the worst in the nation. Not to mention, there are no gun stores in the Chicago city limits. The question becomes how are the guns getting into Chicago? How are the “violent gang thugs” getting access to bullets? If you are poor, without a job, how do you get the money for weapons and ammunition?


Unless they are given to you. I mean it’s not like a train rides through the city at 2AM and drops off boxes of free gun and ammunition. Or does that happen? These are answers we need. Lately, Trump himself has not mentioned Chicago or sending in the “Feds”. Why?


The city of Chicago has 0 gun stores per capita and extremely complex gun laws. This makes it increasingly difficult for the inner-city residents of Chicago to legally obtain a firearm due to the significant number of physical barriers public health departments have implemented over the last decade to reduce gun violence. Most residents lack transportation to acquire these weapons or means to afford them due to Chicago’s high unemployment rate for Black citizens.


What is even more interesting is that gun related deaths in Illinois is relatively low in comparison to other states of similar size. Of note, Illinois also has the toughest gun laws and longest waiting periods of comparative states.




Remember to think critically and always wait for all the facts before rushing to judgement. It is okay to ignore someone or not have all the answers. No one deserves your time. We must stay focused on our long and short-term goals. If we disagree, it should be done privately so we can publicly unite. We must maintain the vision for our people to create a system of justice on planet Earth for all mankind. During this season of war, may the ancestors be your angels of protection camping all around you.


Stay on code!


Ase’ Ogun…


Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16




3 October 2017 9:28 am