“There’s No Difference Between The Alt-Right, KKK & White Nationalists”: Former Neo-Nazi Exposes White Supremacists

So called “reformed” white supremacist skinhead confirms the obvious facts about white nationalism & white extremism

By Kenny Anthony


Ancient military strategist and philosopher Sun Tz states in his treaties titled The Art of War: all war is based on deception”, and in the system of white supremacy, this is the main tactic used to dominate Melanoid people.

Self-proclaimed whitenationalists” and members of the Alt-Right often try to separate themselves from open white extremists such as the Ku Klux Klan and neoNazis. In reality, these groups follow a white supremacist code that keeps them in alliance with white supremacy. The only difference between each hate-group is the methodology and strategy used to subjugate Melanoid people. However, everything else is completely identical and their white supremacist agenda is one & the same.

One of the most prominent figures in this new age political white supremacist movement is Alt-Right leader and president of the National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer. He (Richard) denies that white extremist movements are “racist”, and he personally rejects that label.

When Donald Trump felt compelled to lightly condemn open white supremacy in Charlottesville due to social media pressure, it led to him reluctantly “denouncing” neo-Nazis and the KKK in his second attempt.

Richard flippantly responded by stating: “Racist means an irrational hatred of people, I don’t think he meant any of us”.

Self-proclaimed “former” skinhead white supremacist of Italian origin, Christian Picciolini, 30, called out Richard’s hypocrisy & deceptive comments.




Christian stated: “Onlookers shouldn’t be fooled by Spencer or other white supremacists claims that they aren’t racist. The Alt-Right and white nationalist movements are the culmination of a 30 year effort to massage the white supremacist message”.

At age 14, Picciolini joined the Chicago Area Skin Heads in 1987, which is allegedly the first organized neo-Nazi group in the United States of America. He then moved up the ranks, and was appointed as the leader in 1989.

Christian gave details of his time as an active white supremacist, and claims that he & other white supremacists realized how they were turning away average white Americans with their aggressive approach. So in order to be more “inviting”, they disguised their message of hatred with softer rhetoric, and concluded that looking and speaking more like their neighbors was crucial if they were to further expand and recruit new members.

Christian: “The idea we had was to blend in, normalize, make the message more palatable”.

For example, using codewords and dog-whistles have become a much more frequent practice among white supremacists. Instead of saying “Black people” or “niggers”, they now say “Black Lives Matter Movement” as a way to make all Black people a monolith.

Signature white supremacist tropes like “Jewish global conspiracy” and “Jewish media” have been updated to phrases such as: “liberal media” & “globalism”, says Christian. A tactic that he says has become more prevalent in Alt-Right rhetoric since and during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

This is what Picciolini had to say when addressing why the Alt-Right and “white nationalists” attempt to distance themselves from white extremists: “We lied all the time. To the media, we weren’t a hate organization — we were a pro-White organization. We felt that our white pride was being taken away. It was all spin, behind closed doors, it was all about supremacy and power and eliminating people that weren’t like us.”

Christian claims to no longer live a white supremacist lifestyle, and he now runs a non-profit “peace advocacy” organization. The focus of his company is on “helping” neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, and Alt-Right/far right white supremacists leave their hate-groups and hate-filled doctrines.

While we continue to be at war with white supremacy, our number one target as Melanoid people should be self-preservation by any means necessary. Our advice: Be alert, do not let your children go outdoors unsupervised, connect with like-minded Melanoid people, create international allies, and exercise your Second Amendment.

10 October 2017 6:43 pm