Understanding the 15 Religious Creeds of White Supremacy

An essay using the 15 Point Creed of White Supremacy to strategically destroy systematic global white supremacy.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

September 28, 2017



In 1914 there was a book published called Race Orthodoxy in the South that listed a racial code, and this list is still applies today. The book was written by Thomas P. Bailey establishing what is called the “15-Point Creed of White Supremacy”, which according to him as summed up in point 15, is a “Holy Creed” sanctioned by God for the “White” man.


Tariq Nasheed goes into great detail in his Podcast on the material covered in this book.

The 15 Point Creed of White Supremacy


The excerpt listing the “15-Point Creed of White Supremacy” is shown below:


Mr. Bailey would have you to believe that the same God that created the sun and the universe, ordained a chosen people with special privileges that are genetically recessive and cannot withstand the Sun for any substantial period of time. Unfortunately, this circular and ridiculous argument lacks logic or scientific support in any religion that the White man has created, except White Supremacy.


Knowing and understanding this 15-Point Creed is essential for our survival and destruction of this system to create a system of justice for all humans on planet Earth.


Our Creed to Destroy White Supremacy:

  1. Genetics will determine survival, complexion and physical features. This is scientific so we let this stand. Nature has already established recessive and dominate genes and will sort this out without any assistance. Blood will tell.

  2. Race must end. The true classification should be “Has Melanin” and “Lacks Melanin”. We should seek to immediately remove any other “Race” identifier. The term needs to be retired. “White” is made up and “Black” for people is ridiculous. We have accepted it. In the meantime, checking “Other” holds us a numerical disadvantage. There must be no domination of any one race. Justice comes with equality, which is why a redistribution of wealth for all Black Americans suffering from the impact of slavery is necessary through Reparations.

  3. A system of justice will remove any inferiority or superiority. The non-white people will not remain inferior. We must fight for all our rights, voice our opinion, create our economy and not back down.

  4. Demand social and political equality through reparations.

  5. Reclaim our human rights and speak specifically to Black Rights. Make sure old laws are destroyed and future laws demand and spell out Black Rights. Any other groups needing rights will have to establish their own until the system of justice is created.

  6. Knowledge makes anyone unfit to be a slave. We must educate each other. Read and study to protect ourselves from only being at a level that serves the needs of the White man. Challenge all definitions, think critically, and ask questions. Do not accept anything as fact. (As an epidemiologist, I will have to go in detail on statistics and how we create those charts. As the spook that sat by the door, I can tell you to reject them without proof. Demand to be walked through the data set and how the raw data was collected. Then be walked through the calculation and that will eliminate much of the foolishness surrounding the fake data.)

  7. Open your own business, build your own wealth, shop Black and buy Black. We are not settling for peasantry. Demand food stamps and Section 8 be repealed and replaced with reparations.

  8. Accept this as the leadings of Providence and the New Testament of the Bogus Holy Creed previously in place.



We must also understand the type of white identities we will encounter and how they will work to oppose us and empower us.


Barnor Hesse, PhD.  is an Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. Dr. Hesse obtained his Ph.D. in Government (Ideology and Discourse Analysis), University of Essex (UK) and has been working to understand racism and identity since 2000.


Through his life of research and studies, one of his major accomplishments has been the establishment of “The 8 White Identities” under the global system of white supremacy. Through his efforts, we can now understand how to classify white people that we encounter and how to utilize each type in our efforts as non-white people to destroy white supremacy.



We must also examine ourselves to rid ourselves of any underlying white identity we may be internally struggling with that would make us prone to cooning, bedwork, or further enabling white supremacy. That too must be destroyed because they system only exists while we allow it. Fear, hate, violence and ignorance occupy the mind of the white supremacist. Do not let that mindset paralyze or destroy us. Be bold, be fearless, seek justice by any means necessary. Rinse and repeat.





Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16

Email: TubmanFights@gmail.com


28 September 2017 8:57 pm