Who was Noble Drew Ali 1886 A.D – 1929 A.D.

Who was Noble Drew Ali 1886 A.D – 1929 A.D.


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Noble Drew Ali (born Timothy Drew or Thomas Drew; January 8, 1886 – July 20, 1929) was an Moorish American religious leader who founded the Moorish Science Temple of America. Considered a prophet by his followers, he founded the pseudo-Islamic sect in 1913 in Newark, New Jersey, before relocating to Chicago, where he gained a following of thousands of converts. Drew Ali taught that African Americans were of Moorish descent, but had become ignorant of their identity because of slavery. He preached Moorish American pride and advocated an embrace of Islam by African Americans. Following the murder of a rival Moorish Science Temple leader, Drew Ali was arrested (but never charged) and sent to prison. He died in 1929, shortly after his release.



Drew Ali founded the first Islamic denomination in American history, and was perhaps the first American-born Islamic religious leader. Although the Moorish Science Temple of America has largely declined, Drew Ali’s legacy is significant because of his influence on the founding and ideology of the Nation of Islam.


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